To protect my music from unauthorised monetization and also to protect legitimate customers, my music catalogue has been digitally fingerprinted within YouTube's ContentID system via AdRev, so occasionally you may see a copyright claim when using my music within your videos.

If you do receive a claim, firstly there's no need to worry, as your video will always remain viewable, will never be taken down as a result of using my music and will not affect your YouTube channel's standing in any way. The only limitation is that you won't be able to monetize the video without first having the copyright claim released. 

If you have received a YouTube Copyright Claim on your video when using my music which is preventing monetization and have purchased a License Certificate, please send a quick email over to and

  • title the email 'Copyright claim release request for AlumoMusic'
  • include a link to your video(s) which contain a claim
  • and most importantly attach your purchased pdf License Certificate to the email.

AdRev will review the claim on my music and remove the copyright claim within 24-96 hours. It's recommended that you keep your video set as 'unlisted' until claims are cleared, but don't worry if you haven't done this, as any YouTube revenue held in escrow will be passed on to you once the claim or claims have been released. 

Also, if you are a video producer creating videos on behalf of a client, you may pass over the License Certificate to them when delivering your production to them, should they ever need to clear claims or show the rights to a third party. If you require any help with this, please get in touch via the form here